Course curriculum

    1. Top 5 Tips

    1. Choose Your Favorite Color!

    2. What Your Personality Says About Your Strengths and Weakness When It Comes to Coping with Stressful Situations or People

    3. Explore More & Journal

    1. Ways to Cope That Integrate Faith, Others, and Practical Suggestions

    2. Building Your Resilience. What Spirituality and Faith Do to Help Caregivers Cope with Stress.

    3. Your Worries. Your Stress. Ask Yourself These Questions.

    1. In the Eye of the Storm

    2. Name Your Worries

    3. S.O.S. - Take the Test and Get Your Number

    4. Stress Looks Like This on You

    1. First, You Must Draw the Line...And Here's How

    2. Make Your List

    3. What Works?

    4. Time to De-Stress Your Body, Mind and Soul

    5. Combat Stress By Getting in Touch with Your Soul

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